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Success + Confidence
= Happiness!

Our tutors will help your child feel successful. Learning should never feel frustrating. We start by meeting your child to find the gaps, understand their needs and create an individualised tutoring program. Call our local Bentleigh learning centre now! 


The Victorian Curriculum wants your child to learn with conceptual understanding.  Our tutors will ensure that they don’t just memorise the process but actually understand what it means.


Our tutors provide a comprehensive complimentary no-obligation assessment. We want you to feel comfortable that you are making the best choice. Click here to book now!


At My Melbourne Tutors, we understand that every child learns in different ways and at different speeds. Our aim is to understand your child, fill in the basics and make them feel successful!

What Can You Expect From Us?

We start by meeting with your child to understand what they need, how they learn, how they are feeling and what steps we need to take to support their learning.


Our tutors will use our learning assessment to find the gaps and understand your child’s preferred modality of learning. Do they learn by watching? Do they fidget, forget instructions or whisper while reading or calculating? These observations during the assessment will allow us to create a tutoring program to help them become successful. We want to redefine their relationship with learning. It should be the most magical feeling in the world! 


 If your child doesn’t understand place value, they may not understand addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and a range of subsequent concepts. So we find where the gaps begin and fill them in. This will rebuild the early foundations to help them understand their current class work. By starting where the gaps begin, we can also help to rebuild their confidence.
We will help your child to realise that they can be successful!


We understand that communication is vital. Our tutors will provide regular updates on how your child is progressing. We want them to be able to celebrate success and feel like their hard work is recognised.
If you would like more feedback just to reassure those nagging doubts, call us and we will be happy to give you an update. If we feel any changes need to occur, notfiying you is our first priority.


Your child’s learning style may not suit the traditional classroom. They may learn by visually-memorising or doing (tactile). This is why it is important to maintain the support to ensure they are reaching their true potential. Imagine how they will feel knowing a concept before the teacher explains it. It will make them feel like a super genius! We remove the glass ceiling to reveal your child’s true potential. Visit our Facebook page for tips, tricks and success stories.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it. When you come for the free assessment, you will meet parents that have been with us for years. Here’s what our clients say:

My eight year old son has been attending fruition since the end of May. During this time, he has achieved the amazing results that you had promised when he enrolled.
Andrew and his team provide a wonderful learning environment that has exceeded my expectations.

I know Jemma has only been at high school for one term but her confidence and ability in maths has just grown enormously. Her teacher is so impressed with how she is doing and in her test last week she got 89%!! The delight on her face when she saw that was priceless – so THANK YOU!

Dear Andrew and crew
Thank you for all your help with tutoring Emma. She has thoroughly enjoyed her sessions and developed a love of maths.

Thank you all for the time you have spent and all the patience you have shown.

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